6th June
6th June


Let us create together the most
joyful historical celebration

6th June - Day of Mentor and Disciple for Europe
Thank you for participating in this historic event. Let’s now create a golden record of Kosen-rufu history together by adding your details here!

This is for the records of Kosen-rufu in Europe. Please add your details – either your name or your initials, whichever you prefer, to record for posterity that you were part of this unprecedented event. If you wish to (and you have their permission), you can record your friends’/family’s names on their behalf. *Please note that this is not a registration or mandatory process to participate at the online meeting.

Watch the tutorial beforehand
6th June
6th June
Thank you for participating in the meeting!

Together we achieved


On 6th June this year, we invite all members throughout SGI Europe to join a pan-European online celebration.

This unprecedented gathering will be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of President Ikeda—known within the Soka Gakkai as “Sensei” or teacher—naming 6th June as ‘The Day of Europe’.

Waves of dialogue

In our shared path towards 6th June, let’s engage in numerous dialogues of hope with everyone around us! In this dialogue counter, you can submit your dialogues held since 16th March 2021, as part of “Waves of Dialogue for Hope”! This means, any dialogues with members, friends and family can be counted as part of this “wave of dialogue” towards 6th June. Even if your country organisation has its own counter and you are submitting your dialogues there, you can still submit them in this European counter too!


Together as mentor and disciples united by our vow from the remote past, let’s share the revitalising power of the Mystic Law with friends across the globe.
May 3, 2020, Issue of the Seikyo Shimbun